On the 26th May 2017 John Matthew & Sons held an “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea” to help raise funds for the Cancer Council, a very deserving cause.

The event was held at the front of the JMS office with just about every single staff member (plus some ex-staff members)  pitching in for the day (with around 25 staff, that’s a big effort!) whether it was helping to set up, pack up, clean or putting their aprons on and making some home made goodies to offer guests at our morning tea.

We also had packed up little take away trays for people to purchase with a donation to the Cancer Council, some people even dropped in just to buy a pack of goodies specifically because ‘it was home made’ with many people saying  ‘the wife sent me down because it was home made’, and I will say, I think we all had a taste test of just about everything that was made, and we all can agree, home made is best.

We had some very generous donations made before our morning tea on our online donations page, which was fantastic and great to see people taking time out of their day and money out of their pocket to help with this cause!

On the day of the morning tea, we had some amazing donations made by guests and staff, with our combined efforts we managed to raise just under $720!!! How amazing is that!? Not bad for a little old morning tea!

And not to mention the goodies that were left over were a nice afternoon snack for us at the office! We even took some to the Police station to share the goodness! I’m told they didn’t last long there!

A great turn out and a great morning for a great cause, thanks to everyone who contributed in one way or another!

Till Next time….cheers.

Shani O’Donnell

Sales Administrator